Introducing Clarity tool for Android on VSCO 

By: Rahul Rudradevan

Calling all Android creators: We’re excited to share that the Clarity tool is now available on Android devices. It’s a feature that has been highly requested from our Android community and we’re happy to offer another way to enhance the editing experience on VSCO.


With Clarity you can add more detail and depth to your images on VSCO. It can enhance midtones and adjust the overall sharpness of the photo. It can also help define edges, patterns, and give deeper texture. Using the slider in the editing toolbar, creators can explore the different effects that more or less Clarity can have on their photos.


We want to help you create beautiful photos right from your phone, and are committed to building high-end editing tools that let you capture how you see the world around you. Clarity is just one in a series of tools that we’re excited to bring onto VSCO for our Android community. Stay tuned for more upcoming tools and features coming soon!

Kate Miller